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How do I track read/unread Forum posts?

You can either track all forum posts or track individual forums. 

 To track all forum posts:
    1. Go to the Administration block and select My Profile Settings> Edit profile
    2. Under General> Forum tracking select Yes: Highlight new posts for me so that the posts you have not read yet in the forum are highlighted
    3. Click Update profile to save changes.


To track individual forums:
    1. Go to the Activities block and select Forum. The Track column shows if you are tracking each forum. No means you are not tracking and Yes means that you are tracking
    2. Click Yes or No to change your tracking status


    1. Click on a link to a Forum
    2. Go to the Administration block and Select Track unread posts


To view only the posts that you haven't read yet, go to the forum and click on the number listed in the Unread column.


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