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How do I scaffold content in a section?

Structuring content in your subject is heavily dependent on a lot of factors so it is recommended you have a conversation with your Senior Teaching Support and Design Coordinator before undertaking the below steps.


Conditional activities allow you to scaffold students’ learning progress by making access to resources or activities conditional upon meeting set criteria such as grade obtained, dates or activity completion. This allows content to be available only when a student is ready for it.

 You need to complete three steps in order to set up conditional activities:

    1. Enable completion tracking for the whole subject
    2. Set the criteria for a resource or activity to be considered as ‘complete’
    3. Set the conditions to restrict access to a resource or activity


To enable completion tracking for the subject:

You must enable completion tracking in your subject before you can set up conditional activities.

    1. Go to the Administration block > select Edit settings
    2. Under Completion tracking select 'Yes' for Enable completion tracking
    3. Click Save changes


 To set completion criteria for a resource or activity:

    1. Click Turn editing on
    2. Find the activity/resource > click Edit > Edit Settings or Click the activity/resource > go to the Administration Block > click Edit Settings
    3. Under Activity completion select relevant option from the dropdown menu for Completion tracking and tick completion requirements (Note: you will view different options depending on the activity/resource. E.g. You can have a student view a URL to be considered complete, but they must receive a grade in a quiz to be considered complete)
    4. Click Save and return to subject


To restrict access to a resource or activity:

    1. Follow Steps 1-2 above
    2. Click Restrict access > Add restriction...

      • Date: Use dropdown menus to determine access from/until date and time
      • Grade: Select activity/resource from dropdown menu and minimum/maximum grade
      • Profile:  Choose user profile field (email address, last name etc.) to include/exclude
      • Activity completion condition: Use the show icon icon to change visiblity from Show activity greyed-out, with restriction information to Hide activity entirely before activity can be accessed


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